Students can purchase the kit of their choice* or acquire the NXP Cup-approved chassis from DFRobot via our sponsor partner, Mouser Electronics. In addition, teams can pick their electronics from a wide range of NXP solutions on the market or even use the control board created by the Haute Ecole ARC Ingenerie in Switzerland, 2019 EMEA Champions.

The HE-ARC Board comes with a comprehensive set of software and instructions to help students quickly get started on their development. Further information such as examples on cars, documentary and example code can be found in our NXP Cup community.

*Please check the rules to make sure it fits the requirements.

The improved DFRobot Car chassis will arrive soon. The 2021 model will be separate from the motors. From October 2020 you will be able to order your chassis and decide whether you want to work with brushless or brushed motors. All configurations will be available on Mouser.